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Kidney Stone

A kidney stone is being formed over time, and it may represent a very painful problem in advanced stages. Some describe the kidney stone pain asthe most intense pain they have ever experienced.

The kidney stone is formed inside the urinary tract, when some crystallinesubstances (usually calcium oxalate) separate from the urine. After some time these substances grow in size and create a kidney stone. When the stone start to move,patients experience pain. Although the stone is located in the urinary system,the pain could transfer to the back, sides, lower abdomen, and occasionally, tothe groins.

Sometimes small pieces of the stone might pass unnoticed throughthe urine. Bigger parts can’t pass that easily. They tend to bruise the urethra,which can be seen as traces of blood in urine. The best and actually the only thingwe can do with kidney stones is to help them pass through urine as smoothly aspossible.

Pass Kidney Stone Naturally

If we don’t want any medical intervention toget rid of the stone, drinking lots of water (6 or more glasses per day) is a veryhelpful method. Distilled water is proven to be the most helpful, because thisway the body releases much more toxic materials. At the same time, water isgradually dissolving the kidney stone. Tap water is not recommended to be used in kidney stones patients.It contains sediments and sometimes even bacteria, and can make the situation more complicated than it already is.

The right kind of food and beverages might also help. Lemon and orangescontain vitamin C and are proven to break the stone if combined with plenty of water.Pieces of the broken stone can then pass through the urine. These fruits are also richin calcium, which prevent formation of new kidney stones.

Some claim that a glass or two of the beer and some mild physical activityevery day is good for removal of kidney stones.

On the other hand, there is some food that could promote formationof kidney stones, and that’s something we should avoid. Coffee is one of thethings that shouldn’t be used.

Quick Way to Pass Kidney Stone

Quick way to pass a kidney stone is by using the medications.Because of the certain chemicals, the stones melt faster when using the drugs.

Any stone that is “deliver” should be kept, because it might behelpful to diagnose and properly treat future kidney problems.

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