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It is not easy today to find some time for yourself, those30 minutes or maybe an hour that each of us should dedicate to the improving health, of both the body and mind. Having a healthy body is not easy, simply because thereare so many things around us that push us towards the unhealthy habits (delicious butterrible food, alcohol, cigarettes etc.). And also, it is a fact that, once ahealthy state of mind and body is reached, an equal effort as before is neededfor maintaining that state.

Workout at home

Most of us really do not have much time for gyms andexercises, so home workout routines might be the best solution. Of course, onceat home, it is not easy to push yourself to do some sweaty and hard exercises.But that is what must be done, especially if there is a problem with the excessiveweight. And if that problem is a serious one, some money should have to be spenton the supplements, even a medical consultation is recommended. What would bethe most effective routines for home? Exercises should include activating allmuscle groups, that is inevitable. Just focusing arms or abs will not createthe wanted effect, since only the muscles in those areas will get stronger. Exercisesshould include all the variations of push ups, squats, abs, crouches, lunges,stepping exercises (or something similar to running) etc. These several basicexercises can make an effective routine that should be applied at least threetimes a week with at least 24 hours of pause between the sessions. People thinkthat cutting the resting time and doing exercises as often as possible in ashort time will create more effect. It will, but at one moment, the exhaustion will arriveand then several days will be lost (if not more) for resting.


If possible, it would be nice to have some additionalweights at home. It is likely that barbell will not find its place in many homes,but dumbbells are smaller and much more practical. Using weights is a next level inworking out, whether it is at home or in a gym. This might be a good moment tosplash in some supplements, for better effects. Energy sources and vitamincocktails are always welcomed, but fat burners and muscle mass gainers shouldbe used only if necessary. As for the diets, it might be good to start with some healthy menuregime, not a diet, but healthy meals for a start, with increased proteins and reducedcarbohydrates.

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