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Blogging became very popular in a last couple of years. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual, who makes regular entries about various topics. Most of the blogs are also interactive, and they allow visitors to leave comments and send messages to each other. Blogs are actually a form of an online diary, in which a person expresses their inner feelings. Today, more and more bloggers are affected with depression, and that is reflected in their writings. Interactivity of the blogosphere allows us to detect and possibly prevent the hazardous effects of the depression. People are usually not aware of it, but knowing the signs of depression could possibly prevent the suicide of the depressed blogger.
Warning signs
Depressed blogger usually suffers from a lot of pain in life and often writes about it. In many cases, blogger will not even write his own posts on the regular basis, but will continue commenting on the posts of fellow bloggers. Depressive bloggers are often so melancholic and unproductive that they do not write themselves but frequently visit blogs and leave comments. Their comments on events and other posts are usually presented in a very negative manner. Their statements are commonly about hopelessness, vulnerability or worthlessness. In many cases, the careful observer will notice a rapid change from very low mood to happier and calmer. However, these mood alterations are often ungrounded and the blogger soon sinks into depression again. One of the most severe symptoms of depression, and a possible indication of suicide, are frequent and direct statements in a reference of death or dying. A depressed blogger may also write about isolating from friends and family or giving away their cherished possessions.
How to help someone who is depressed?
The most important step in helping someone who is depressed is to get in a warm and human contact with the person. The communication should be above all honest. Depressed persons will feel like no one understands them, all saying that you do will not help at all. It may only disconnect you from the sufferer. It is important to let the depressed person talk or comment about whatever they want, even if they mention suicidal tendencies. Talking and writing about these things actually helps them to deal with these negative feelings. Small signs of attention and appreciation will mean a lot for a depressed person: a short note with a smiley face, a little gift or a song dedicated to the depressed blogger, can make them feel much better. Try to get the person out and try to let him or her know they are not alone. There are a lot of websites that speak about depression where a person can find all of the information and support.

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