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Recent research has revealed a connection between fatherhood and breastfeeding. Namely, fathers are commonly the ones well informed about the benefits of breastfeeding for their baby. Therefore, they usually motivate their wives to stick to breastfeeding, influencing their decisions on the subject. In fact, many fathers, when asked about their opinions on breastfeeding, claim that it is a crucial factor for a proper development of their child.

Attitudes towards Breastfeeding

A vast majority of fathers know that breastfeeding provides their baby all the necessary nutrients he/she needs, keeping him/her safe from illnesses. Yet, the matters are not so positive when it comes to this form of baby feeding. Namely, many fathers believe that breastfeeding affects the breasts negatively, making them less aesthetically appealing. These fathers are commonly suggesting that their wives switch to bottle feeding.

Moreover, fathers who lack proper education related to breastfeeding, often prevent their wives to breastfeed in public or in front of strangers, not accepting this action as a natural one.

Basically, some fathers approve of breastfeeding and support it, while others have their reasons for disapproving of it. Since the latter attitude is not beneficial for the babies themselves, changes need to be made in order for males to alter their ways of perceiving breastfeeding.

Changing the Male Perspective

Fathers need to attend classes which teach them about pregnancy, fatherhood and motherhood, as well as all matters related with having a baby. This kind of information is necessary for fathers to realize the importance of breastfeeding and support it wholeheartedly.

Moreover, a research done in Italy showed that fathers who were introduced with techniques for stimulating lactation in their wives, as well as managing problems related to breastfeeding, understood this phenomenon better and, thereby, promoted it more. This kind of teaching does not take longer than 45 minutes. Thus, it is a very influential process of sharing information.

Many countries have such classes obligatory for all employees in companies. This way, all males can learn more about this aspect of motherhood and fatherhood, getting the necessary education on the subject. When people are informed well, they are usually more open to these things, being better fathers.

Finally, many fathers have negative attitudes towards breastfeeding since they are not involved in the whole process of bringing up their babies. Therefore, including males and recognizing the importance of fathers in the baby’s life from the very beginning is very important. These fathers are bound to seek more information on how to contribute and help their wives, sharing the responsibilities the baby needs.

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