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Are you trying to conceive, or should I say TTC? The chances are that you are going to want to join an online message board or two to chat with other women who are going through the same things you are, and who are hoping to get a positive pregnancy test soon. Internet jargon can be a bit frustrating if you don't know what is being said, however. When you are reading about fertility-related topics online, you will definitely come across a whole host of abbreviations. If you don't understand, don't worry. We are here to decipher online fertility abbreviations for you.

TTC = Trying to conceive

POAS = peeing on a stick, which means taking a pregnancy test

DPO = days post ovulation, you might see "I'm currently 10 DPO, still waiting for AF to show up", for instance

DTD = doing the deed, in other words having sex

2WW = "two week wait", the time between ovulating and the expected date of menstruation, or the time you can take a pregnancy test

AF = Aunt Flo, used to describe a menstrual period for some reason (we haven't got a clue why - don't ask us! :))

OC = ovulation calendar, a method used to determine the approximate date of ovulation

BBT = basal body temperature, used to determine the day of ovulation for those who are charting to conceive

PAL = pregnant after loss, meaning after a miscarriage or stillbirth

MC = miscarriage

O = ovulation

FF = fertility friend, an online fertility charting service

LP = luteal phase, the stage of your cycle lasting from your ovulation until your period

There might well be other abbreviations, but I think I have covered the most common ones. If you would like to see one added to the list, please leave a comment and we'll do so. If there is another abbreviation you can't quite figure out, please also feel free to leave us a question, and will do our best to decipher it!

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