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Your pregnancy is a magical time in which you begin to adjust to the challenges of motherhood. There is plenty to be excited about when you are expecting a baby, and choosing a name is definitely one of them! But what if you have picked a name, and your mother, or even worse, your mother in law, keeps suggesting other names, or makes it very clear that they are not happy about your chosen baby name?

It seems like everyone thinks they have a right to interfere and make hurtful comments about the name that you think is just perfect! Mothers and mothers in law are especially good at this, but other relatives and friends enjoy interfering in this just as much! If you have already publicly announced what you will name your baby, how do you cope with people who don't like your chosen name? My first tip is not to talk about the name at all, if you already have one picked out. People are far less likely to say that they don't like your name once your baby is born, and you have already filed for the birth certificate! But some parents to be like hearing other peoples' opinions, especially if they are not very sure about the name they have chosen. And of course, many are simply so excited about their baby and their baby name that they can help telling everyone about it.

Relatives thinking that they have a right to have a right to have your baby named after themselves, or who want to suggest you name your baby after a deceased grandma or grandpa are also not in short supply. While naming your baby after a relatives can certainly be a beautiful gesture, and a great way to remember someone who is no longer with you, it is obviously an idea that has to come from the parents to be themselves. If you are feeling down because someone does not like the name you have decided your baby should have, you are not alone!

Don't feel bad if you have to tell your parents, relatives or friends that you do not want to discuss the issue with them any longer. Some things are the privilege of the future parents and the future parents only, and the name of your child is definitely among those. Mind you, if you have the intention of naming your baby Taluladoesthehulafromhawaii or something similar (yes, someone actually named their baby just that) you can expect an awful lot of comments, and perhaps even an official request to reconsider the choice of name.

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