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Jojoba is the plant that grows in the bushes and its fruit is of rather distinguishing appearance, in the form of small capsules. This plant produces a large amount of pollen, but, surprisingly, it is hypoallergenic. Because of that, and of course, because of its benefits for the overall health, it is used most commonly in the cosmetic industry.

However, jojoba is more popular for its essential oil, which is squeezed naturally from its seeds. In fact, it is cultivated mostly in order to collect the oil, which is also called the wax and which is very rare. Nevertheless, in cosmetics, this oil is known as the common ingredient for different types of products, such as shampoos, hair conditioners, skin moisturizers and sun lotions and crèmes, so as the products that prevent the aging processes. The reason is the fact that jojoba oil is especially beneficial for skin and hair.

When the oil is squeezed, there are various processes of improving it, which are also natural. One of them is the filtrating process, which is used so that the smell and colour can be taken off. Such a process is done in order to make some popular jojoba derivational products, like, for example, jojoba esters and hydrogenated jojoba.

Being a kind of liquid wax actually means that jojoba oil isn’t among those oils which are based on the triglycerides. That is, unlike the other oils. The good and mostly pointed out characteristics of this oil are the following: it isn’t even greasy, it doesn’t have any specific or sharp smell and it is very consistent.

Also, it is a powerful antioxidant and it is the transporters of vitamin E (which is very beneficial for hair and skin). But, another one of its valuable characteristic is the one of being very good moisturizer, since it hydrates the hair and the skin without the undesirable side effects such as, for instance, closing the pores.

So, when it comes to the direct usage of the non-processed jojoba oil (which is only squeezed naturally from jojoba seeds), most commonly people put it on the damaged part of skin or hair directly. It is especially recommendable as the remedy for sore, dry and hard skin, since it has the power of softening it almost immediately. But, not to forget that this oil, combined with the other essential oils, can be a very good choice for the aromatherapy treatment or the massages.

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