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Jogging is, by far, the best possible type of exercising, when it comes to losing and maintaining weight effectively. Namely, through jogging you burn calories at a steady pace of about 10 calories per minute. Thus, you may plan out your workout making sure that you gain most out of your exercising. Of course, in order for this plan to be productive, you need to have a steady calorie intake as well. All in all, if you organize yourself well, you are bound to lose about a pound in every two weeks, doing nothing more than indulging in this healthy cardiovascular workout.

Jogging Tips for Men

First and foremost, you need to know that we live in an unhealthy world, full of vehicles running around, producing exhaust fumes that you should not breathe. Having said this, remember that starting your jogging routine early in the morning is better than doing it at any other time. You will be blessed with an abundance of fresh air and, thereby, your workout will be much more pleasant and productive.

Secondly, since jogging is nothing but running at a steady pace, you need to make sure your breathing is steady and proper at the same time. Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, synchronizing your jogging steps with the breathing pattern. Also, be careful about your arms and do not let them hang around, flapping against your legs. Rather, keep them sightly bent, at the waist level.

Thirdly, closely connected to the first piece of advice, choose green, natural surfaces for your jogging routines. Parks, river banks, beaches and such surroundings will provide you with the serenity and the fresh air your need, making the whole jogging process better.

What To Wear and What Pace to Follow?

As for the clothing, make sure you are dressed for the occasion, wearing comfortable, light clothing loose enough to provide you with the necessary freedom of movement. The shoes you are wearing should be comfortable and not too tight nor too loose, providing proper support and cushioning to your feet.

Finally, do not overdo it. Jogging will prove to be too hard if you follow a pace which is higher than your current one. So, keep it steady and advance gradually, when you feel that you can do it.

Final Words of Advice

Do not start jogging if you are bothered by certain joint, muscle, tendon or other health issues. Rather, consult with your doctor beforehand.

When you get the green light from your health expert, make sure you carry plenty of water with you. Sweating depletes the fluid supplies from your body, leading to dehydration and muscle cramps. Thus, wear a bottle with you and drink water before, during and after your each jogging session.

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