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Incase a person experiences bouts of unrelenting and unpleasant itching, then the person in question should be aware of the possibility thathe/she has been befallen by some kind of skin parasites. Once theitching begins occurring all of a sudden, and if it tends to be present forlonger periods of time, the person being befallen by it should seekimmediate advice from an expert on further steps and relief measures that are to be taken. In addition, one should also be on the lookout of thefactors and the culprits that bring about the itching, as well as onthe manifestations that are the best signalers of the presence of acertain irregularity or abnormality that might be at the root ofthis problem.

Asthe experts and specialists in this area point out, there exists morethan one thing to be on the lookout for and to be paid attention towhen it comes to one's body, which will ultimately reveal if theperson in question had or had not been befallen by a specific type ofa skin parasite. Those regarded to be the most frequent and tell talesigns of the presence of a parasite include lesions or sores thatrefuse to heal, filaments on the skin in the areas of the bodywhere parasites are situated, unexplained cotton-like balls, severeitching, stinging and biting sensations, loss of hair, brain fog,appearance of firm nodules underneath one's skin, fibromyalgia,swelling of the joints, intense pain, specs black in color.

Incase any of these manifestations occur, or if a combination of more thanone is noticed, a person in question most likely suffers from the effects of aMorgellons parasite, accompanied by an infection of protozoan and/orLyme disease. Theparasite in question represents only one of a number of various skinparasites known to cause quite an upheaval on one's skin, followed byincessant itching and biting symptoms that appear to be unrelenting,due to their severity. In case there occurs a parasite knownunder the name of Strongyloides sterocoralis, an antibody blood serum is regarded to be the best and mosteffective treatment,produced by a laboratory in Tucker GA. The Lyme disease, as well asMorgellons, protozoan, toxoplasma are best treated in the long run with the help of antibiotics, anti fungals and anti protozoan medications. Thekey lies in the fact that these treatment solutions will boost theimmune system in time and thus make it strong enough to exterminate the parasite byitself.

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