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Morgellons disease, Morgellons or Morgellons syndrome is a series of symptoms sensed on the skin. Although this is not a medical condition recognized by the Centers for Disease Control, people all over the world (including Americans) have reported similar symptoms and suffer from very similar problems. Texas, Florida and California are found to be states with more than average number of people suffering from this problem.

Morgellons Signs and Symptoms

Patients diagnosed with Morgellons disease have reported crawling sensations under the skin, which might be described as biting, stinging or moving like an insect on or under their skin. In some cases these patients complain about black stringy material or fibers also on and in their skin, and they suffer from skin rashes and sores, which itch intensively. They can experience more problems, such as joint pains, vision problems and tiredness. Without any other apparent reason, except Morgellons, these people can suffer from concentration difficulties, short-term memory problems and also undergo some behavioral changes.

What Scientists and Doctors Know about Morgellons

Doctors still don’t know what causes this condition, and many are convinced that Morgellons is just another type of the disease known as delusional parasitosis, when a person suffers from false beliefs that he or she is infested with parasites. Symptoms similar to Morgellons are frequently noticed in people suffering from liver and kidney problems, or in patients suffering from Lyme disease. Drug addicts or alcoholics can also manifest some of the symptoms characteristic to Morgellons, as well as some schizophrenic patients.

What to Expect from the Treatment

There is no agreement among medical community regarding this problem, and doctors act and treat their patients differently. Some patients claim that their doctors dismiss them as fake patients, although they have been suffering from Morgellons symptoms, and other believe that they were falsely diagnosed with some other medical condition, rather than Morgellons they are suffering from.

Still, there is not even one single treatment for this problem. The best advice is to seek medical attention from a caring doctor, who will recognize your symptoms and try to solve them. Your best bet might be the doctor situated in your local area, who will be available when you need him or her. Positive steps to manage symptoms you have may include various therapies, so maintain an open mind. Some patients suffering from Morgellons might benefit from different counseling and mental health therapies, and you have to be prepared that the treatment might take some time. Other symptoms, like depression or anxiety, or anything else that’s affecting your behavior may have to be addressed as well, during the treatment for Morgellons.

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