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A Warning Against Futile Measures

There is a good reason to the title of this article, and that would be the fact that skin parasites are immune to just about any measure of treating them we've had in stock so far. The two most common among the list are:

Eliminate and Quill which prove effective until the fourth day

extremely hot baths, which prove effective for a couple of hours.

So that little bit of info ought to take care of explaining the title. But the worst news is yet to be broken. Once a person has infected just about every single bit of his or her surrounding environment (clothes, furniture, etc.), it is clear that this biological menace is highly contagious.

So how does one go about getting these?

The answer is: mites. Mostly from an already infected animal. These are most likely to be

rats mites

mice mites

bird mites,

to name a few. The infection may also engage via contact with feces of mice, rats, cats or dogs. It is very important to note that the infection may occur via indirect contact as well. That means, for example via: blankets, airplane seats, barber chairs, you name it.

There IS a bit of good news, too, though. Despite the wide variety of possibilities, only a few people (say, less than ten thousand in the entire country) get infected by skin parasites, and even a fewer can be considered contagious.

So what are skin parasites?

According to the media, backed up by solid statistics, they are mostly Morgellons. They itch like hell, and that's just the start. Reports of skin rashes, lesions that don't heal, string-like fibers and black specks are soon to follow. Some have even reported coughing up worms and larvae. Unfortunately, there is no known solid cure to this vermin of the human body.

Experts recommend looking for the following sings to make sure one is not infected:

non-healing lesions and sores

fibers and filaments around the non-healing bits of one's skin; these will glow fluorescent under ultra-violet light

unexplainable cotton-like balls on one's body

very itchy skin

stinging and/or biting

hair loss

chronic fatigue

brain fog

hard nodules under the skin

joint swelling and pain

black specks on the skin or bed sheets

the presence of very small, strawberry-type spots.

The previously mentioned symptoms may also be associated with Lyme disease and Protozoan infections.

Conclusively, as there is no real, firm way of dealing with these terrible parasites from hell, the best thing to do is to be extra careful and make sure not ever to get infected in the first place.

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