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Rash represents a quite awkward and attimes quite painful ailment thattends to befall a person's skin. It occurs in the form of patches,which tend to spread all over the affected area of the skin, and ofthe body in general. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of people employthe term 'rash' when describing and referring to a number ofdifferent conditions and illnesses that affect our skin on regular and daily basis. This is why, at one time or another, people often getconfused by what exactly falls into the category of a skin rash. Inorder to clear this obvious misunderstanding, the list of those mostfrequently occurring types of skin rashes can be found below, incontinuation of this paragraph:

Patches of scaly skin, under infection (which is, however, not an underlying culprit to be blamed for the rash itself)Patches of scaly skin, induced by a specific infection either bacterial or fungal in natureItchy, red patches or bumps that tend to spread and affect different parts of the skin, quite often all at once

What should and what should not be done if a person develops rash?

Despite the fact that rashes thataffect the skin are not regarded as all that harmful and they are not known toinduce any of the quite severe side effects that can seriouslythreaten one's overall health, people are strongly advised againstself-treatment. This means that in case a person gets befallen by askin rash, he/she needs to visit a designated doctor for the purposeof undergoing an official evaluation. In order to aid your doctor asmuch as possible, a person can also inform about different varieties ofskin rashes, and thus categorize them according to the manifestationsby themselves, thus significantly reducing the analysis time andaiding a doctor in making a proper diagnosis much faster. This, ofcourse, will also speed up the entire treatment process to a hugeextent, and free the person in question from this unpleasant skinpest.

Such skin rashes that are known tooccur most frequently in people are the following:

Spots of scaly skin not brought about by any skin related infectionItchy and also scaly spots on the skin, i.e. the eczemaDyshydrotic eczemaAtopic dermatitisContact dermatitisSpots on skin induced by either a bacterial infection, or the one brought about by an infection which is fungal in nature

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