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Highly contagious skin parasites

There are a couple skin parasites which are quite bad and if a person ends up infected with one, he or she will have lots of problems. The ways of how a person can end up with one of these parasites are plenty. Trying on clothing and sitting in a chair are only some of them. The person who is already infected only needs to be in contact with some item like a chair or clothing for several minutes and the parasite will lay eggs there.


There was one case where a woman got infected by removing a bird's nest outside her window. In another case a woman was infected when she was cleaning the basement which was full of mice. The itching started within a couple of hours. Her husband got infected after two days and they are both still having the problem with itchiness three months later.

In these cases the doctor will usually prescribe Lindane or Elimite. However, neither of these medications have lasting effect on the parasites. A good thing to do is to have a hot bath three times per day. That will provide short term relief. The worst thing is that when a person becomes infected all of his belongings will most likely carry the parasites.

Other symptoms

Apart from the itchiness and the biting symptoms a person may also experience things like hair loss, cotton-like balls on the body, non healing lesions or sores, brain fog and hard nodules under the skin. A person may also have joint swelling and pain, black specks on the skin and bed sheets and a presence of small strawberry spots under the skin. If a person suffers from at least three of these symptoms it is likely that he or she is infected with the Morgellons skin parasite. Morgellons is only one of the dangerous skin parasites. There are two more which are quite serious, Collembola and Strongyloides stercoralis-a namtode. The bad thing is if a person gets infected with either Morgellons or Collembola there is still no recognized diagnostic procedures.

In case of a Strongyloides stercoralis there is a blood antibody test that can identify it. However, even though the doctors can discover it there is still no treatment which can cure it. Because of this a lot of people seek help on the internet.

Some people who have been infected claim that the intake of specific food can starve the parasites while the intake of other foods can feed them.

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