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When we experience persistent itchybiting sensation and notice some odd lesions on our skin, these symptoms may be caused bysome of the skin parasites that even the dermatologists find strange.

Symptoms of skin parasites

There are several symptoms that usuallyindicate the presence of certain types of the skin parasites. The most commonwarning signs of this skin condition are lesions and sores that never heal, intenseitching, stinging or biting and cotton-like balls, which form on the bodywithout an apparent reason. Furthermore, the skin parasites may cause chronicfatigue, hair loss and hard nodules may form underneath the skin. Some people with skin parasites may experiencefibromyalgia, black specs and red spots either on the skin or under the skin. Fibers and filaments can be seen bythe means of a loop or under the ultra violet light in the places on the skinwhere the parasites live.

Types of skin parasites

Morgellons, Collembola and Strongyloidesstercoralis are the three most common skin parasites that affect the skin, thus causing persistent itching. It is very difficult for the doctors to diagnosewhich one of the skin parasites has invaded the skin when the above-mentionedsymptoms appear since there is no diagnostic procedure for these types of theskin parasites. Therefore, many doctors tend to diagnose the skin condition asa consequence of stress, nervousness and anxiety or rosacea.

On the other side, there is the antibodyblood serum test to detect Strongyloides stercoralis, but this test is veryexpensive. However, even when this skin parasite is detected, the doctors do notknow which treatment to prescribe since the treatments for these skin parasitesare not familiar to the doctors. Therefore, many doctors tend to prescribe the antibioticsthat are good for the treatment of the bacterial infections.

The three mentioned skin parasitesthat are not studied completely are the carries of some disease to worse thematter. For example, they are the hosts of Lyme, Protozoan and Toxoplasmagondii. All these parasites weaken our immune system, making the treatment verydifficult.

It is considered that specific dietand some skin creams may cure the skin problem when the skin has been exposedto the ski parasites only few months. On the other side, if the skin has beenexposed to the skin parasites for a long period of time or for years, it is very difficult to cure thecondition since they thoroughly invaded the skin and the skinis damaged to a huge extent.

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