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Itchy Skin

Itchy skin or pruritis is a skin disorder in which your skin is itching. Determining an underlying cause can be very difficult because there is a large number of conditions and disorders that can cause itchy skin. Sometimes dry skin can be itchy. Itchy skin is also a common symptom of many diseases. It can be an allergic reaction to certain medication or foods as well. In some cases, itchiness can be the only symptom, and in other cases it can be accompanied by redness, blisters or changes in skin texture. It can be localized, or it can affect the entire body. In mild cases, you can treat itchy skin with balms and home remedies. The itchiness may go away and you will not have to see a doctor. However, if itchiness is persistent and followed by other symptoms, you should seek medical care.


After diagnostic measures, your doctor will prescribe the treatment. You may be given medications for skin condition or medications which will treat the underlying cause. Your doctor can suggest various balms, creams and ointments which can relieve itchiness. In some cases you may need phototherapy. This therapy uses special ultraviolet light.

Home Remedies

There are a lot of natural home remedies which you can use in treatment for itchy skin. Very efficient remedy is baking soda. Dissolve some baking soda in warm water and soak the skin in it for about 45 minutes. You can also put some oatmeal in a warm tub. Natural lemon juice is the best known remedy for itchy skin. The procedure is quite simple. Squeeze some lemon juice on the affected skin and leave it to dry. You can also soak the skin in basil tea. Mint tea has anti inflammatory properties so it is also highly recommended. You should soak a piece of cloth in mint tea and apply in on the skin. Aloe leaf is good for easing itchiness and skin inflammation.


It is important to remember that you must not scratch the affected skin. In a lot of cases scratching will only make your condition worse. You can put bandages on the affected area to keep yourself from touching it. You may even wear gloves so you would not scratch. Scratching can cause injuries to the skin. A wound on the skin can become infected which can cause further complications. Scratching will never provide cure for itchy skin, it will prolong the healing process.

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