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Brainwave entertainment is a term which stands for exposing our brain to specific stimuli which cause it to enter a specific relaxation stage, like sleeping for example. This whole theory is based on the fact that our brain reacts to the given stimuli, which is usually sound played at certain frequencies and in a specific manner. However, this stimulation can also be visual.

Brainwave Entertainment Types

As for the aural entertainment of this type, binaural beats are one of the most commonly used sounds. A 495 Hz tone, combined with a 505 Hz tone will produce together a new, subtonic tone of 10 Hz. This specific subtonic tone is the one which can alter our brain activity. Basically, each of our ears hears only one tone and the brain does the rest, creating the third pulse. Even though this is still an experimental process, scientists believe that it can be used for healing emotional or mental disorders.

Also, one can get exposed to monaural beats. These are not different but are played in different loudness, changing throughout the process, from louder to more quiet and vice-versa, achieving the same effect. Additionally, one can get exposed to tones which are turned on and off quickly, called isochronic tones.

Repair the Brain with Brainwave Entertainment

Scientists have found out that our brain generates new brain cells all of the time, repairing itself. These new cells search for the damaged cells, divide and replace these, fixing our brain in the process. Scientists are trying to figure out the driving force for the creation of these cells. Also, they are quite amazed and confused by the paths that the new cells take. The brain creates the pathway for these cells and they use it to find the damaged area. If we could control this process, treatment of numerous mental conditions could be possible.

Basically, our body heals itself from any harm that it has endured. Apparently, our brain is behind most of these processes even if we are not aware of these. Thus, drugs and chemicals which we feed our body with when we are sick, do little to help us. Rather, they interfere with our body's regeneration.

Never forget that your brain is a self-healing machine. Whenever you are sick, concentrate on telling your brain to help you and believe firmly that this is possible. Belief is a crucial part of any recovery. Thus, believe in the power of your brain and allow it to heal your body.

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