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When indulging in food can turn out to be awkward

Even though a great number of people does not view allergies as something so severe to threaten one's life, the fact is that quite often they turn out to be exactly this way. It is not infrequent for a person to either develop an allergy, or experience a fairly serious and troubling allergic reaction due to consuming a specific variety of food, most often the one prepared or served together with nuts, or even nut oil. The induced allergic reaction can go so far as to “throw” a person in question right into an anaphylactic shock.

Having this in mind, one should always be in possession of a certain aid in the form of a medicine or a drug that will make it possible for that person to avoid any potential troubling complications. In this regard, considered to be one of the most effective and thus frequently recommended solutions comes in the form of EpiPen, for example. In case there is a lack of such a drug, a person in question may not only suffer from quite heavy and severe consequences, such as brain damage, but they can also lose life.

Daily basis occurrence

Coming face to face with an allergy is something that quite a lot of people has to face with, and on a daily basis, too. There is a number of cases which can testify to this. The most frequent are the ones that are in a direct relation to a certain variety of food, and they mostly take place either at one's home or in a restaurant, such as for example Thai restaurant. The main reason why people prone to food allergy, i.e. to be even more precise - those allergic to peanuts, should better avoid them is due to the fact that the Thai cuisine rests pretty heavily on the use of peanuts in their dishes.

Therefore, making hundred percent sure that the dish you have ordered is peanut-free is the most important thing one should do prior to opting for one, for even if peanut is present in traces, this does not mean that a peanut-allergic person will not suffer from an allergic reaction. Number of cases have been recorded in which a person who suffered from an allergic reaction and who had no such “remedy” as the EpiPen on hand, ended up in either a shock, or even graver, in coma.

Whatever a person does, the most important thing is to acquire as much information as possible from the restaurant staff, or read labels thoroughly when eating at home.

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