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There are many adults who are interested in martial arts like, for example, kung fu. Yet, they have never tried learning and mastering this fighting skill. Now, these people may believe that it is too late for them to start. Fortunately, they are wrong since it is never too late to begin comprehending and learning something which is originally a combination of all Chinese martial arts.

Kung Fu Now

Today, we have many different types and variants of this martial art. Namely, the divisions are made depending on kung fu schools, sects and families. Also, there is one basic distinction into internal and external kung fu. The formerly mentioned one concentrates on a person's understanding and controlling of life energy called “qi”, while the latter deals with muscular development and cardiovascular health. Both of these branch into various styles making kung fu quite rich in diversity.

The History of Kung Fu

Even though there are many speculations about this martial art, only one historic theory is considered valid and plausible, being widely accepted.

Basically, many ancient martial arts are claimed to be rooted in China and the Shaolin Temple. Therefore, this is the birthplace of kung fu, as some experts claim.

All Chinese Martial arts are divided into internal and external, as mentioned above. Nevertheless, there are those which present combination of both. Many Shaolin martial art styles start with the external, moving on to internal once highest levels of the former have been reached.

You and Kung Fu

Nowadays, kung fu has been commercialized and looked upon as something invented in order for people to become extraordinary killing machines or ninjas of sorts. Therefore, the accent is on the external styles and the internal factor has been neglected or completely denied.

Still, you can opt for either one style or the other, choosing a kung fu skill of your preference. San Shou or Chinese Kick Boxing are both styles which are excellent for your cardiovascular health and fitness.

However, if you want to start with kung fu, it is best to choose the internal one. Here, you will learn how to gain the spiritual power of a young boy, allowing you to master external styles with more ease later. Internal kung fu focuses on our spiritual power, making us feel better and helping us gain control over both our body and mind. It is rejuvenating and incredibly rewarding.

So, if you are past 40 and still desire to try kung fu, opt for one of the internal styles. The martial art you choose will help you learn more about kung fu and about life, managing to battle many things which are not even physical.

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