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What is the main problem when losing weight? It is definitely the problem that happens in the mind, where a person needs to be very strong. And even if a person succeeds in being mentally strong, it might have consequences in the form of stress, for example. Can eating right all the time cause you stress?

Dieting and not stressing

Eating properly is relatively easy; all that is needed is finding a right menu and sticking to it. After some time, people literally become bored with eating the same menu at the same time each day, which might cause stress, but there certainly are some things that might be done. First of all, the mentioned diet must not be a fast one, but a healthy and balanced diet. This offers a lot of opportunities for creating various meals, so there is no fear of becoming bored or not being able to keep up with diet because of any reason. This problem is more related to fast diets, which usually include the same meals, also not so tasty. The problem with fast dieting is in the fact that lost pounds might return easily (because it is not all fat, there are muscles and water lost too). Even though a lot of weight can be lost, a person has to be very strong in order not to return to old eating habits, and that is why weight also returns. All this, keeping up with the rules, yo-yo effect and not being allowed to eat junk food at least occasionally will cause stress.


An excellent method for dealing with stress while dieting or in any other situation is increasing the physical activity. Exerting the body will simply eliminate the stress, at least some of it. Not only that, it has so many benefits, especially for people who are fighting with excessive weight. Of course, it is recommended to combine dieting and exercising properly, because counter effect might happen. Some people exercise intensively and apply some extreme diet, which might exhaust the body and that is far from healthy.

What does this all mean? Losing weight requires some effort no matter what method is chosen, and that is simply not easy for some people. Weight reduction is a process which has to change person’s lifestyle and that is always a problem. This is why many people quit the regime of dieting and exercising abruptly, becoming disappointed with themselves and with the diet/exercising.

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