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The Notion of Designer Baby

Designer baby is a term coined by journalists, officially accepted since 2004. Namely, it stands for those babies which are born from in vitro fertilization and, while still embryos, controlled for any genetic defects, modified by genetic engineering in order to meet all the expectations of their parents. The very notion of this variation of the term “having a baby” is bound to be a subject of controversy. Some people embrace this idea greatly, wanting to have babies that can be, more or less, perfect. On the other hand, there are people who believe in natural development and human individuality and believe that no one should be able to “design” their baby, considering the whole process unethical and even, bizarre. All in all, there are different opinions on the subject.

Positive Aspects of Designer Babies

Strange as this might sound, parents who have children with serious diseases, decide to have designer babies so that they could help their current children. Therefore, the embryos of these designer babies are scanned for any genes which might develop illnesses and, once these are ruled out, they are born healthy and with all the necessary genes and stem cells which can help their suffering brothers and sisters. These cells and genes are normally harvested from the umbilical cords of these babies. Thus, doubling life to save life can be a benefit with this approach, since the family gets one more baby, while, at the same time, being capable of saving the existing child too. Some countries, however, do not approve of these methods, and parents often need to seek places where these things are possible.

Negative Aspects of Designer Babies

These babies come with a price and it is not a small one. A designer baby costs about $180,000. Moreover, the parents can choose many of its traits as if they were playing a game on the computer. Eye and hair color, intelligence and many other aspects of a baby-to-be can be modified and designed, making the bizarre factor even more prominent.

Finally, no one should be playing God, creating perfect individuals which will be delivered into rich families. Subsequently, only rich will be beautiful, meet all the social standards and be healthy at the same time, while people who cannot afford designer babies will be sentenced to a Russian roulette of mother nature. This is bound to have a catastrophic impact on the future of human society since it only nurtures the diversities between us, which have already cost us millions of lives throughout history.

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