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Circulatory System

In the following text, we will focus on the circulatory system and true factsabout it. In order to explain how circulatory system works, we need to think ofthe systems as a country. In this country, the capitol is the heart, while theblood is responsible for the connection of the capital and other cities. Theblood represents the trains, while blood vessels can be tracks that train uses to movethe blood. This is very simple and yet exact representation of the circulatorysystem.

This system consists of three mayor parts and those are blood vessels, theblood and heart. The most important is the heart, since it pumps the bloodthrough the entire body. If the circulatory system is malfunctioning, the bodywill not receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs. When the blood moves fromthe heart to other body parts, it has high level of oxygen, but when it returnsto the heart, it has high level of carbon dioxide. Blood vessels can be dividedin two types - the veins, which carry blood to the heart, and capillaries, whichare responsible for mixing the blood and nutrients. Theyboth carry blood away from the heart.

When talking about the ways in which this system functions, we all know that the heartpumps the blood and that it is sent to the four heart chambers (two atria andtwo ventricles). The right ventricle is responsible forpumping the blood into the lungs, while the left one is responsible for pumpingthe blood towards the other areas of the body. Four valves are located in theheart, controlling the blood flow. Upon opening of the valve, theblood from the right atrium, the one with low oxygen, goes to the rightventricle and the lungs receive the blood from the pulmonary artery, whichwas released by another valve. Another valve will also be opened and the leftventricle will be filled with oxygenated blood from the left atrium. Then, theblood will be transported to other areas of the human body.


The de-oxygenated blood is located on the right side, while oxygenated islocated on the left side of the heart.Five millions of red blood cells and twelvethousands of white blood cells are located in a single drop of blood.During the365 days, the heart beats approximately 30 million times.Every second, 10million blood cells die in human body.Blood needs 20 seconds in order to reachevery corner of the body.Every day the heart pumps 450 gallons of blood. One liter ofblood is located in babies, while adults have 5 liters of blood.Every four months, blood cells die.

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