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Sauna suits are garments worn during exercising. These pieces of clothing are made of special, waterproof materials like nylon, rubberized vinyl or plastic, allowing people who work out to sweat more, thereby creating the same effect as if they were spending time in a real, dry sauna. Sauna suits are, therefore, claimed to help people lose weight effectively. Nevertheless, many people doubt this praised effect.

Dangerous or Miraculous?

There are numerous commercials about the incredible, groundbreaking productiveness of sauna suits. However, there are still many dangers related to usage of these suits. Namely, using sauna suits too often and for longer periods of time can be more harmful than beneficial. So, read the lines below, learn all about positive and negative sides of this weight loss method and take your pick afterwards.

Facts about Sauna Suits

When you buy a sauna suit, you are likely to get it with an instruction manual which teaches you how to and when to use this type of clothing. Basically, during your exercise procedure, the increased temperature of your body cannot leave the suit. Thus, it remains trapped inside, making you sweat excessively. Subsequently, with sweat you lose body weight.

However, sauna suits only make you lose your water and electrolytes. This does not stand for expected weight loss, which should encompass losing accumulated fat. Therefore, this weight loss is only a temporary one and you need more exercising and lifestyle changes if you are to take some true causes of excessive weight off.

Dangers of Sauna Suits

Even though excessive perspiration increases the amount of toxins we expel from our body, this process can easily trigger severe tiredness, heatstroke and dehydration, among other health complications. Thus, you should use sauna suits for short exercise sessions. Once you go overboard, you will be risking your health.

Before you use these, it is best to have yourself examined, regarding your metabolic health. Also, make sure you drink a lot of water during your exercising, compensating for your loses and avoiding dehydration. Additionally, before and during your sauna suit exercising, you are advised to skip large meals and focus on eating smaller portions of food, more often.

All in all, sauna suits can be useful, but can be dangerous as well. That being said, examine yourself beforehand and speak to your doctor about sauna suit usage. If everything seems to be in order, use the suit smartly and make sure the only thing you get from it is a benefit.

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