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In the following text, we will focus on the diet associated with the conditionof gastritis. Many factors can contribute to the creation of this condition andsome of them are arthritis medications, high stress levels and pain relievingdrugs, smoking and alcohol. The inflammation occurs in the stomach lining, which is being damaged by the stomach acid. Thisacid is released due to the damage of the stomach lining. During this rampageof the stomach acid, the stomach cells will also be damaged. Bacterialinfections can also cause gastritis, especially helicobacter pylorimicroorganism. There are certain changes in life, among which is a diet change,that those with gastritis should make, but there are medications that can beused as well.


Overeating is something everybody with gastritis needs to avoid, so try to keeptrack of the amount of the meal and the time between the meals. This will helpyour stomach by letting it finish the breaking of the food first and then fillthe stomach a bit more. Dividing meals into smaller ones is one of the bestways to achieve this. Just cut one big meal into several smaller ones and thestomach will have time to deal with this food until you present it withadditional food. Those with gastritis need to watch out for some beverages anddrinks as well. Some of those are orange juice, alcohol, soda, coffee and blacktea. Stomach irritation can be a result of drinking these beverages. Also, chocolatemilk, cocoa and similar drinks based on chocolate need to be avoided as well.Try to drink low caffeine, alcohol and acid liquids, such as water. This isactually the best liquid for those who are suffering from gastritis.Foods like pepper, cabbage, beans and broccoli are some of the foods that needto be avoided, since they form gases. But you can reduce the gases bypreparing them in a certain way. This ability can be eliminated from the beansif they are soaked in water during the night and prior to the preparation. Youcan also boil them and then leave them for the night.

Stomach problems may be causedby fat rich food and some of them are pork sausages, ground meat and luncheonmeat. Whole milk and dairy products based on this milk need to be avoided aswell. Try to find products that are low in fat. You can get low fat groundbeef, for instance. The gastritis problem may be aggravated by some spices, suchas nutmeg, cloves, ground peppers and chili powder. Condiments, such as saladdressing, mustard and gravy need to be reduced in your diet. To reduce the fatlevel, try to add some freshly chopped herbs to the meat and cook it veryslow. Some of the foods that need to be consumed by those with gastritis are vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, wheat bran, barley and rice.Also, try to use olive oil instead of corn or vegetable oil. And remember to eatfresh fruits as well.

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