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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a discipline whichbalances the body's energy by applying pressure on certain parts ofit. However, pressure here may be a strong word since acupressureinvolves only light touches in the right spots. Thus, precision ismore important than the intensity of the touch. Moreover, if thepatient or client desires a stronger treatment, the practitioner mayincrease the pressure. Still, the effect remains the same.

All in all, these specific spots have alower electrical resistance than other places. Therefore, acupressurepractitioners can relieve you of pain and discomfort by touchingthese spots and stimulating the return of your body energy balance,upon which the whole branch of acupressure bases its theory.

More about Acupressure

This discipline originates from China.As other, similar medical discipline, acupressure bases on the beliefthat there is a stream of energy running through our body. Anyobstacles this energy faces, affects the cycle and causes illnesses andpain. Once a practitioner presses a part of your body, he/she is toattract this energy and feel the pulsation under his/her fingers, ifthe spot is right. If there is no pulsation, the spot is obstructedand pressure needs to be applied in order to re-establish the flow ofenergy. Apart from this mere theory, acupressure practitioner talksto and observes his/her patient in order to see the state if affairsthese people are going through. Then, the practitioner may noticethat bodily energy is over-accumulated in some parts of one's bodywhile lacking in others. Based on this information, the order and thesequence of acupressure steps is determined, signifying thetreatment. The practitioner initially chooses one central pressurepoint which he/she presses with one hand, while moving the otheraround other spots, sensing the flow of energy and releasing anyconstricted spots, just as acupuncture does. Still, acupressure is amore practical method, since the practitioner has constant overviewof the energy and a more increased mobility of the treatment, beingabsolutely sure that the pressure will not cause any nerve or tissuedamage. Moreover, acupressure provides one with more relaxation,since it has a massaging effect at the same time.

All in all, acupressure is a greattechnique for pain relief and treatment of many health problems,related to both your mental and physical health. Tradition, ancientskills and great effectiveness all go hand-in-hand with thisdiscipline making it an excellent choice for all in need.

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