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How can acupressure actually help to those who suffer from acid reflux?

In order to know how to help oneself or somebody else in such cases, it is necessary to learn where exactly certain acupoints are located. A pressure should be applied to these points for at least three times a day, and it should not be strong, only medium. Each pressure should last for a minute and either a finger or knuckle should be used for applying it. The points on the body which are important in cases of acid reflux are the following:

The first point is located at 2 inches up the arm but on the palm side. More precisely, it is between the tendons and starting from the wrist crease. The second point is 3 inches under the lateral eye of the knee. The third point is between the bottom tip of the breastbone and the navel, exactly in the middle. The fourth point is 2,5 fingers from the navel, regardless of the side. The fifth point is located right between the 2nd and the 3rd toe.

Acupressure point 6 and the research

This acupressure point is located on the wrist and since it is connected to the condition in question, its stimulation reduces relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, which is well known as the main culprit for acid reflux. Studies that were performed at one university in Australia proved this as well. What might sound interesting is that the same acupoint is stimulated in cases when nausea, vomiting and diseases that manifest through one of these two symptoms need to be treated by acupuncture. Acupressure wrist bands are also available on the market today, and they are also very helpful.

It might look difficult to localize certain points, but with some practice, and even better, with the help of someone who is better familiar with these points and acupressure, the person can easily learn to locate them. All of these pressure points, if stimulated, will help in the prevention of the sphincter to relax and result in the stomach acid going in the wrong direction. What is also important to bear in mind is that the results will be better if the person continues to use acupressure for as long as it takes the symptoms of acid reflux to disappear. Along with a proper diet, meaning that foods that trigger acid reflux will have to be eliminated, the process of healing should be successful enough.

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