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Basic Aspects of Chinese Massage

What we know as Chinese massage therapyis actually called Tui Na and this is a discipline which is more thanhelpful for treating various health conditions. Basically thistherapy consists of exposure of the patient to many differenttechniques in order to have him/her successfully treated. Thus,rubbing and pressing is used for keeping you healthy and restoringyour previous levels of well-being while pushing and grasping canhelp you get your injuries treated and some of your internal jointand muscle problems taken care of. Additionally, there is Tui Na forinfants, since they demand a different approach. Also, thisdiscipline has a method similar to acupuncture, where pressure of thespecific body spots is known to stimulate a person's recovery.Finally, when visiting an experienced master of Tui Na, you may betreated externally since the masters will emit their qui energy inorder to direct yours. All in all, there are many useful approacheshere and numerous individuals have managed to get completely curedand rid of their ailments solely by opting for Chinese massage.

Additional Approaches Related toChinese Massage

As we have mentioned above, there isa compression, where pressure is performed on the patient by thefingers of the practitioner. Also, palms, elbows and even other limbsmay be used for this purpose, because, sometimes a certain part of apatient's body will need to be twisted, stepped on or nipped.

Next, there is friction which is acombination of moves meant to better one's blood circulation. Here,rubbing, pushing, gliding and wiping are used for achieving thepreviously mentioned effect and are performed onto one's chest, limbsor back.

Additionally, swinging can be done too.This involves pushing one with a sole finger, kneading and rolling.Furthermore, a person's joints are moved in all adequate directionsin order for them to be treated successfully. The patient may evenget tapped by the practitioner's fingers, palms or fists. Pinching isalso very useful in certain courses of the therapy.

Finally, vibration is a usefultechnique, performed by shaking and rocking certain parts of thepatient's body.

All these approaches are meant to dealwith the problem of constricted blood and qui flow, freeing both ofthese factors, restoring a person's health.

Therefore, people can get rid ofheadaches, migraines, PMS symptoms and many other problems of thistype. However, they can also restore their mental balance and health,have their neck, shoulder and back pain treated as well as some moreserious injuries and conditions like immobility, tennis elbow andsciatica.

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