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Round and unpleasant

These parasites are familiarto almost everybody due to their unpleasant nature to induce quite a number ofinfections, both in humans and in animals. Given the fact that each worm isdifferent, so are the ailments they bring about. As far as other tell talecharacteristics are concerned, they belong to the category of intestinalparasites, which bring about the occurrence of mild to severe infections. The preferredarea is the gastrointestinal tract. There they absorb all the vital nutrientsfrom the body of the infected person in order to secure their “well being” andexistence. As far as various types are concerned, there exist those that are so small that can be observed only under a microscope, whereas some can beobserved by the naked eye. Soil is their primary habitat, and it is from herethat they tend to find their way to the host by way of mouth, bruise etc.

Indicators and symptoms

As mentioned above,the intensity of the symptoms can vary from moderate to quite severe. For example, round worms that attack people can bring about the occurrence of such manifestations assudden and unaccounted for loss of weight, occurrence of abdominal ache,diarrhea that lasts for longer period of time (bloody in some cases),unrelenting fatigue, restlessness and having difficulties going to sleep. In certaincases, there can be present breathlessness, nausea and blurred vision.

Round worms varieties

When it comes to round worms that favor humans more than animals, those most frequentlyencountered ones include:

Ascaris Lumbricoides – certainlyone of those most frequently encountered varieties, located in thegastrointestinal tract of its host. It can get as much as 40 cm in size, oncefully developed and all grown up. The way it finds itself inside the person’sbody is by way of eggs, most often located in excreta contaminated foodstuffssuch as raw fruit and vegetables, as well as soil. Symptoms include distendedabdomen, constipation and vomiting.

Hookworm – the one roundwormvariety, which most frequently befalls children, particularly those recentlyborn, as well as younger ones. Small intestine is their preferredlocation, but at times, they also tend to reach the lungs by way of bloodstreamand attack the alveoli. Poor sanitation facilitates the spread of this roundworm, which is known to be able to cause quite serious infections. In case it isnot noticed in due time, it can also seriously threaten a child life.

Pinworms – also known as the seatworms, a variety that reaches the inside of the body by way of contaminated food and known to causesevere itching in the anal region especially. Overall they are more anuisance than something one should overtly worry about since they are quiteeasily warded off by means of such home remedies as papaya seeds, garlic clovesand salt tablets.

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