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What Is the Short Man Syndrome?

There are some things many short people have in common, some of which are quite negative in connotation, related to other short people from our history like Napoleon, Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. Even though any resemblance other than physical has not proven; there are theories about, short man syndrome, claiming that all short people have several things in common. Interested? Read on and decide foryourself.

Namely, the short man syndrome is based upon beliefs that short people, especially men, suffer from an inferiority complex. Thus, in order to compensate for their obvious drawbacks, they tend to excel in other aspects of life. In order to achieve this, they are thought to be able to use all means necessary, including force and aggressiveness. This theory claims that short people, driven by jealousy, tend to show the world their worth by surpassing other, taller, people in certain aspects of life. Moreover, this syndrome seems to be apparent in the animal kingdom as well, since in many animal fights, the larger wins, even though the smaller member of the same sex and species tends to start the fight. There is a common connection between psychological and physical factors, as well as the aggression. All in all, the world was jeopardized by short people quite a few times, by the names mentioned above. Thus, although only a theory, the short man syndrome does have some “practical” proofs.

Is It Really So?!

Well, naturally, some people accept this theory as a plausible one, while some rebuke it. Nevertheless, there can surely be a connection between childhood experiences and adult behavior of short people. Some short children may have been bullied by taller peers for quite a long time, developing this frustration and the very inferiority complex. If the situation remains unchanged, the frustrations may get carried on into the adulthood, resulting in the development of the short man syndrome and the escalation of all the symptoms through social behavior.

All in all, we have to be aware that any generalization is a bad one. Thus, we need to take other things into consideration. There are probably billions of incredibly successful, good and kind people around the globe, bearing witness to the incorrectness of this theory. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the possibility of creation of the inferiority complex due to the above mentioned factors. Finally, there can be cases of this syndrome, but the scarcity of it, and the very fact that not all short people are frustrated, makes this hardly a syndrome in the first place.

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