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Laser Hair Removal - Overview

Laser hair removal is only one way of getting rid of excessive hair. It is very popular method of hair removal. Still, the procedure also carries certain risks and may cause undesirable side effects. This is why each and every person who is willing to try this form of hair removal must be fully informed about all the benefits and dangers laser hair removal carries.

During the procedure the hair is removed due to the principle of photothermolysis. Laser is effective in causing damage by selectively heating dark target matter called melanin which is found in hair follicles. The laser also spares and does not heat the rest of the skin. The best effects are achieved with dark coarse hair. The most suitable combination is light skin and dark hair.

Majority of people who have undergone laser hair removal are very satisfied with the results. Still, some people now have to face permanent changes of the skin caused by this treatment modality.

Side Effects and Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

The laser used during the procedure can cause serious damage to the patient's eyes. This is particularly risky if the doctor removes facial hair. So the treatment can be only performed if the doctor and the patients are wearing protective eye gear. This way the risk of eye damage is practically eliminated.

After the treatment the skin may be covered in blisters. Today this complication is usually avoided due to improvement of the laser technology. Apart from blistering the skin may become red and the redness predominantly affects people with sensitive skin. Laser hair removal may also cause skin discolorations. The treated skin may become lighter comparing to the surrounding skin and there is also a chance of hyperpigmentation of the treated area. These two side effects are usually temporary. Still, skin discoloration may be a permanent side effect of the treatment. Hyperpigmentation usually occurs in dark-skinned people. And finally, people who have tattoos must be familiar with the fact that if the hair found on the tattoo is being removed the treatment may cause darkening of the very tattoo.

One more possible complication of laser hair removal is wound infection. Wound infection does not occur very often and it is usually a consequence of unprofessional hair removal. During the treatment the skin may be significantly damaged which eventually results in wound formation. These wound are prone to infection. Scarring may occur due to the previous wound infection or these two complications do not have to be related. And finally, parts of the skin that have been treated multiple times are susceptible to crusting.

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