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Information on Circulatory Problems

All circulatory problems take some time to get gradually developed. Human heart is able to withstand numerous years of abuse, and it usually shows certain early symptoms which indicate that it cannot take it anymore.

Poor circulation is always the direct result of certain harmful lifestyle choices which at times can be rather detrimental to the person’s overall health. If a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle, follows an imbalanced diet and misses on the much needed physical exercise, then all the harmful factors are combined together to create a severe medical condition.

The arterial walls get crammed with the fatty deposits and when they harden they become what medicine calls plaques. Plaques are very efficient in blocking and obstructing the passages through which the blood flows.

Most of the circulatory problems affect the elder people much more than they affect the younger population because it takes quite a while for the plaques to get formed in the human circulatory system.

Unhealthy and unbalanced diets contribute to the increase in the levels of cholesterol in the blood. These leads to increased viscosity of the blood which can affect the smoothness of the blood flow through the veins and the arteries. Circulatory problems may be present in the different parts of the body because it covers the entire human body.


Brain requires a good part of the blood that gets circulated in the human body. When the blood flow drops it affects the quality of the brain’s functioning which may lead to numerous different medical conditions such as lethargy, lack of mental clarity, loss of memory and so on.

Poor blood circulation to the brain can also be recognized by certain symptoms such as sudden attacks of dizziness and frequent unexplained heartaches. If the heart gets affected by poor circulation it shows certain symptoms as well such as chest pain, high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and a higher blood pressure.

The persons who suffer from this condition usually experience difficulties when performing numerous different physical tasks. Liver can also get affected by poor blood circulation and it can be characterized by sudden weight loss, lusterless skin appearance and a lack of appetite. Kidneys are very important because they eliminate the excess water and waste from the human bodies by they also monitor and regulate the blood pressure.

When the kidneys get affected by poor blood circulation a person usually experiences swelling of hands, constant fatigue, swollen feet, altered heart rate, swollen ankles and a raised blood pressure. Poor blood circulation may also affect the limbs and it can also lead to a lack of sex drive in some cases.

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