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Good posture reflects the way we think about ourselves, our attitude towards our surroundings and many other things. People who have poor posture can develop serious health conditions over time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have poor posture and due to that, they project as unsure, uncertain and shy persons.

The benefits of good posture include not just appearance, but the health as well. Good posture can make you look slimmer, because if you hold your back straight, your stomach is in and your chest are out. It is important to learn how to have a good posture from an early childhood, so that you can later avoid back pain, headaches, and problems with spine.

Notional Good Posture

It is a posture where you body is straight and it is at the level of eyes. If you are observed from the front side, shoulders and hips are supposed to be leveled and spine should stand vertical. Observing one's posture from the back, ear is supposed to be over the shoulder, and in the same line hip, knee and ankle are supposed to be. One of the easiest ways to determine if someone has a poor posture is to see the level of ears and if they are not at the same level, that is a sign that his/her posture is bad. You can also do a self-check up of your posture in the following way. You should stand against a wall with you back touching it. You posture is good if you are touching the wall with your buttocks, head and upper back. According to some practitioners, the root of poor posture is in the feet. If there is some kind of an imbalance in feet, that leads to a chain reaction affecting legs, pelvis and spine. If a doctor determines that your posture is bad because of foot imbalance, then he is likely to examine you feet, or send you to visit a specialist for this kind of issues.

Tips for Good Posture

We will provide you with some useful tips so that you can have good posture in the future if you follow these tips. Your feet should be in the same width as your shoulders, and your weight should be maintained on the feet balls. Knees should be relaxed and arms too. It is important to stand straight, keeping your head level and not pushing it forward. If you spend the most of your day sitting, then you should stand up as often as you can, stretch up and keep feet on the floor while sitting. It is not advised to lean while sitting on a chair. You back should be leaned against a chair so that there is lumbar support.

As you can see, good posture is very important and it is not so difficult to obtain it. The only thing that you have to do is to sit or stand straight, relax shoulders and tuck your tummy. Very soon, you will experience benefits of a good posture.

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