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We will talk about a sport garment called posture corrective brace and it is used by people who are having problems with bad posture. This is, basically, a non-elastic and soft strap, which gives secure fit of the user's body. There is usually a hook-and-loop fastener, which is adjustable. These braces help the patients to get a conformable posture with decreased pressure. Also, these braces will keep the back area dry since they have a terry cloth protector. But posture corrective braces cannot be used alone they need to be used along with physical exercises, which will eliminate the possibility of having future bad posture problems. Also, there are some lifestyle changes that need to be introduced as well. The braces we are talking about can be used by children and adults and they are mostly given to patients by their health care professionals.

Need for Posture Corrective Braces

The body needs to have its part proportionally positioned and this is a posture. Various areas of the body need to be vertically aligned so that a person can have a good posture. Some of such body areas are abdomen, hips, shoulders and head. Due to sitting, sleeping and other activities, the natural S spine curve may be impaired, and so the bad posture is created. Bad posture puts pressure on the neck and the spine and it strains the vertebrae muscles, thus impairing the health of the body. The mentioned S shape may become C shape and this can lead to long-term damage of the blood vessel, nerve constriction, discs, muscles and joints. Other problems that may be created are headache, neck pain, head pain and frequent fatigue. Some problems with confidence and breathing have also been noted. Bad posture may develop some thought in the patient's mind about their physical appearance and this can lead to the mentioned emotional problems.

How Does It Work

The brace causes the pressure suffered by the muscles to be steady and this help the back to be stronger. It makes the person have a good posture by keeping the back and other upper body parts in correct position. These braces can be worn by people with bad posture, who had back injury or slumped shoulder. There are many braces available, but the best solution is to find a brace customized for specific person and this will provide comfortable fit. There are braces for the children as well.

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