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Importance of breakfast for children

Everyone agrees that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it is even more important for a child not to miss it. If children do miss it, they may experience all sorts of problems throughout the day. Some studies have proven that children who eat their breakfast regularly do better on standardized tests and cause less problems in school. Their math grades will get better, as will their attendance and punctuality. However, if a child does miss breakfast often, a lot of different problems may occur. Fewer calories will be burned and there will be more mistakes in their work related to the school. A child may become hyperactive.A parent should make sure that his or her child gets a healthy breakfast every day. If that is not possible, a parent just needs to make sure that the child gets to school on time. This is important because most public schools are required to ensure a good breakfast every morning. There are some children who either forget to eat breakfast or do not know what a good meal in the morning is. Because of situations like this, it is important for their parents to assist them.

A good breakfast

A child's body and brain are almost empty and need fuel after a good night's sleep. Researches have shown that those who eat breakfast are less likely to catch a cold or gain unnecessary weight. This is because of all the vitamins and minerals that these people consume while eating breakfast. It would be really good if 25% of daily calories are inserted through breakfast. A balance must be made in order for all the food groups to be included. A good example of such a breakfast would include a glass of fruit juice, one tablespoon of raisins and 7 strawberries or a banana sliced and put over the raisins.

Food to be included in a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast must have carbohydrates. This is because they give the body energy. Protein and calcium should be included because they play a major role in the growth and muscle and bones. Of course, things like vitamins and minerals must be a part of the healthy breakfast.

An important thing every parent must do is to explain to the children why is it bad to skip breakfast. If this is done, children will not try to avoid eating breakfast.

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