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Even though raising kids is a joyful activity, it demands a lot of caution from each parent. Kids learn everything from us and get everything from us. We are the first role models in their life and as such, we should not only teach them, but we should also act properly.

One of the hardest things when it comes to kids is teaching them what is healthy to eat and what is not. Sometimes, it is much easier to give a child something it likes, and stop trying to make him or her eat something healthy. Children can be very stubborn and will try to expand their control boundaries as much as they can (including eating habits). This might pose a problem, but it is something that has to be regulated if we want our children to grow into healthy adults.


It is simply not possible to find a calm child, which can sit still for at least ten minutes. This is more emphasized as child is younger, which means that children are very active and they need a lot of energy that comes from food. That food must be a part of a healthy, well balanced diet for kids, the one that will supply all children's needs for nutrients. There are some basic rules when it comes to creating a healthy diet. Most of the calories must come from healthy carbohydrates, proteins values should be at a lower level, while fats should be taken minimally. Of course, a diet should not be very strict. A bit more carbs or fats or proteins is not dangerous since active children will eliminate that easily. Also, it would be wrong to forbid the child from taking sweets, candies, and juices. We should teach the kids about the importance of the healthy food, but creating strict rules might only be counter productive. When a child is older and starts behaving independently, it just might start acting in the way it was forbidden, simply because it can.


As for creating a balanced diet for kids, some rules are needed. Dairy products must be included because of the calcium needed for building bones, veggies are always necessary; it should be present in almost each meal. There have to be three major meals and two light ones. In this way, a child will never be hungry; it will always have energy, and will not overeat while taking one of the major meals.

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