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healthy routines for children

In spite of the best efforts a parent makes, it is not easy to make the right decisions all the time. Sometimes it is much easier to simply go along with child’s wishes, but that is something that must not be done. A parent has to show love and affection, but it is also necessary to be firm and to stick to same basic rules.

The importance of healthy routines for children

One of the major problems is obesity. It is well known that it is much easier to prevent than to heal, but it is much more difficult to apply that. Children should have 5 meals, 3 main and 2 snacks and, of course, no bad food is allowed. And that is where the problem begins, since children like candies, sweets, soda juices, and it is hard to explain to them the importance of healthy food. The problem is in other kids who eat junk food and set a bad example. Even though healthy food is important, from time to time, kid should eat something that is not on a healthy menu. Strict rules sometimes can be counterproductive. Eating healthy is just one of the several healthy routines for children that should be applied while time for play is another routine. It should be clearly explained to a child how much time is allowed for play, and that time should include both, physical activity and time in front of TV and computer. There should also be the time for a child to be with parents, in order to develop the child’s social skills and also to talk to it about his daily activities, school, homework and other things. Physical activity is very important for a growing child. Also, if physical activity is increased, healthy meals should be present, but snacks with some bad calories are not that dangerous in this case. Regular sleeping is very important for a physical development and there can be a problem if a child is allowed to stay late, which some parents do alow, especially on weekends.

Tips for healthy routines for children

Since the child looks up to his parents, it is of great importance that parents follow the same rules that they want to apply to a child. Exercises, healthy food, healthy relations in the family, all this has to be accomplished in order for a child to grow properly. It is not easy, and sometimes coordinating efforts with school might be a good idea. Tolerance and the firm stance might be the key for being a good parent.

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