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Asthma Characteristics

Asthma is a common respiratory disorderpresent in both children and adults. This condition is caused bytightening of the muscles present in our respiratory pathways. Thesepress onto the tiny air tubes which direct the air to our lungs,causing them to become inflamed and therefore block the free airpassage. Thus, pain in the chest area, loss of breath, coughing andsuffocating are just some of the symptoms related to an ongoingasthma attack.

Of course, there are differentmedications and therapies asthmatic people are prescribed. They alsohave small inhaler pumps with certain medication inside of it.Nevertheless, standard medicine is not the only one offering possiblecure for this state of affairs. Rather, there are many differentmethods the alternative medicine has to offer too. One of these ishypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for Asthma

Taking into consideration the fact thatasthma may be triggered by either some external factors like dust,pollen and some other allergens, or by some completely depending onour own self-control like stress, aggravation, panic, fear andothers, it is obvious that, through learning how to be prepared andconcentrated during an asthma attack, we can reduce its effectssignificantly.

Many asthma patients who live with thiscondition for a longer period of time, already know how to cope withit. Namely, experience has taught them to change breathing patternsonce they start noticing any symptoms of this disease of theirs.Thus, it is clear that their subconsciousness play a very importantrole in the asthma suppressing process.

This type of hypnotherapy does exactlythe same. By stimulating the patient's subconsciousness, it makes himor her more able to cope with any given symptoms of asthma.Subsequently, the patients are able to stay calm and react adequatelyto any manifestations of attacks related to this disease, decreasing, or completely removing its negative symptoms.

Moreover, the patients, during thecourse of their hypnotherapy, are thought how to apply self-hypnosisfor these purposes. By following the stimulation techniques theyreceive during therapy, they learn the important things needed inorder to be able to fight off asthma subconsciously. Thus, later,they may strengthen their capabilities for this all by themselves.This leads asthma patients to a state where they may completelycontrol their disease as if they do not have it at all since theywill be completely in control of its manifestations.

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