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Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a method that includes increased concentration, guided relaxation and focusing attention in order for one to achieve a higher state of awareness. The person becomes highly focused on one specific thing while stimuli and information from the surrounding become completely blocked or ignored.

Hypnotherapy is used more additionally to psychotherapy and is rarely used as a single means of helping patients. Being a part of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy can effectively help patients explore their thoughts, feelings as well as memories that might have been hidden. Furthermore, hypnotherapy is also effective when it comes to perceiving things differently. For example, one may be be able to block the awareness of painful sensation.

Hypnotherapy is practiced by a licensed and certified mental health professional. He/she must be specially trained in order to apply this specific technique.

What Can Hypnotherapy Heal?

Hypnotherapy is a technique most commonly used for elimination of stress. The goal of the treatment, as well as other relaxation techniques for anxiety is relaxation and this state can be perfectly achieved with hypnotherapy. A person can benefit in a sense that he/she does not have to deal with past hurts and pains. The person obtains capability to control psychological beliefs and points of view. People under chronic and high levels of stress suffer from many psychological as well as physiological symptoms and signs. This way with proper relaxation both mental and physical health will be preserved.

Furthermore, hypnotherapy is also efficient in treatment of phobias, fears and anxiety. It is also highly effective in case of sleep disorders, depression and may help people suffering from grief due to a certain loss. Hypnotherapy is additionally a good means of getting rid of certain habits such as smoking or overeating.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety disorder that generally results from a traumatic event. People suffering from this disorder generally develop a fear and many additional problems (both psychological and physiological). Stress and all negative feelings and thoughts that are associated with the traumatic event can be brought under control with hypnotherapy.

The mechanism of hypnotherapy allows the body to relax through hypnosis. Patients become more focused and attentive, their blood pressure and heart rate decrease and there are also changes in brain wave activity. In spite of being fully awake mentally the person is able to get into a state of physical comfort and relaxation. The state is so specific the a person becomes more susceptible to any suggestion.

And finally, what needs to be said is that hypnotherapy may also be beneficial for reduction or elimination of pain of different origin. For example, it can help patients suffering from fibromyalgia, fractures, migraine headaches, cancer related pain etc.

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