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If the frequent tripsto tanning studios are not something you prefer and for this reason you made a decisionto buy a tanning bed for home use, upon doing so it is extremely important totake a look at that manual in detail and learn how to use it properly. The manual itself will give you a more completeimage of how the bed is supposed to be used for reaching the desired goal. Also, what this little booklet will help you with is discover which of the settingsare most suitable for you and which coincide with your most essential needs.

What every personshould be always aware of is that improper usage will most certainly lead notonly to those short-term injuries and health problems, but also to thoselong-term ones. But if a person adheres to the safety advices (e.g. use oftanning bed lotion, goggles etc.), one can make sure that nothing wrong orharmful ever happens to him/her while giving the body that seductive bronze tancolor. Upon the first usage, one should not tan more than a couple of minutesat once. This is important in order to establish the way in which skin reactsto tanning. Then one is safe to increase the length of time spent inside thetanning bed. This, of course, does not mean that a person should tan endlesslylong – recommended time is 20 minutes per tanning session and not a minutelonger, for it can have harmful effects otherwise.

Safety first

Despite the fact thattanning the way a person wants is most often considered the one and ultimategoal, what should never come before this is the safety issues. Namely, one should never go so far as to harmthe health in any way. When it comes to the safety issue, it needs to bepointed out that, when used in a proper manner, tanning beds are pretty safe. But whatthis entails is adhering to all the prescribed precautions to the letter, ofcourse. One of the first steps should be application of a tanning lotion inorder to protect one’s body and skin from those UV rays. Considered to beanother must are goggles for eye protection. Failure to wear one during tanningcan lead to serious damage to the person’s eyes, as well as induce a number ofhealth related issues. Last but not the least, it is extremely important to payattention to the signals one’s body is sending, i.e. if a person notices skinirritation, this means that the time spend tanning needs to be reducedsignificantly.


Being exposed to justabout any type of UV rays can prove to be harmful to a person, which is why one must beextremely careful with the tanning beds as well. This is avoided best if one adheresto the safety steps and manual as well. Also, there is an indication that thesebeds and skin cancer are in direct relation. To avoid this and decrease therisk, one should always stick to precautionary measures and safety, above all.

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