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Tanning beds are devices which artificially emit ultraviolet rays, enabling people to tan once they expose their skin to them. The lamps used in these products contain phosphor blends which simulate the UV rays emitted by the sun.

There are tanning beds for salon uses and those which can be purchased and used at home. The formerly mentioned have stronger lamps, up to 60 of them, each bearing up to 200W while the latter have 12 to 28 100W lamps.

Some tanning beds combine UVA rays with UVB rays, by using special quartz lamps, along with certain filters and reflector systems. However, the cost of these units is incomparably higher.

Tanning booths are also a popular variant of tanning beds. Here, the users are standing in the booth, during the UV exposure treatment. Also, booths have a higher output of power.

Dangers of Tanning Beds

Even though many people use these devices in order to make their skin attractively bronze (particularly during the winter) many health organizations are against this. Namely, they claim that there are numerous side-effects related to the usage of tanning beds and booths, some of these being a danger of developing skin cancer or vision problems.

There are many different types of tanning beds and booths. However, regulations of these devices took place after 1988. Now, we know the exact safe amount of time possible to be spent inside these devices, as well as the strength and type of the lights used for emitting UV rays.

Buying Your Own Tanning Bed

Apart for paying a significant price once you decide to purchase a tanning bed, you must also be careful due to the fact that you need to choose a device which is completely safe and healthy for usage. Having your own tanning bed is excellent since you can save all the money you would otherwise spend in tanning salons, enjoying the process at home, whenever you desire.

There are horizontal, vertical and portable home tanning beds available. You need to pay attention to the shape since the portable ones are known do deliver a less even tan. Also, keep in mind that you need a good power supply for your tanning bed. As for the lamps, choose anything from 16 to 24. Of course, you can have more of these, but this is not necessarily better.

Finally, the price of these devices ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. Usually, the more expensive models have certain advance features. Shopping online may be the best choice since it is much cheaper and has the lowest shipping costs.

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