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Canopy tanning is a new sensation which many are considering to be the best possible way of getting that beautiful bronze color of your skin. Basically, there is a difference between canopy tanning beds and the usual ones. Namely, while regular tanning beds require you to lie down inside them and spend some time in this kind of isolation, canopy tanning beds are quite different. These beds consist of a canopy onto which many UV lamps are mounted by using hydraulic technology. Thus, you only need to take an adequate position underneath the canopy tanning bed and enjoy the tanning process.

Regular vs Canopy

These tanning beds are great for people who do not have enough space for a regular tanning bed. Also, those who travel a lot will find this solution to be more than useful. Moreover, canopy tanning beds, being smaller in size and less demanding in materials, are cheaper than regular, shell-shaped tanning beds. Thus, you will enjoy the tanning process and pay less for it.

Do not think that canopy tanning beds are worse than their counterparts, just because they cost less. On the contrary, these tanning beds use the same UV lamps and have the same effect, making your skin tan evenly and beautifully.

If we are to discuss the price, most canopy tanning beds can be yours for a price of $25 a month. This can even be less expensive that your membership at the tanning salon. Thus, do not think twice, but get this incredible device and benefit from it.

Why Choose Canopy Tanning Beds?

Canopy tanning beds care little about your size or height. Namely, while you may get put off by some regular tanning beds if you are a bit overweight or taller than most people, canopy tanning beds will fit you just fine since you will have enough space to enjoy your tanning process.

These devices are fully adjustable to meet all of your needs.

Even though regular tanning beds provide you with 360 degree tanning, covering all spots on your body, sometimes, this is not what you are after since you would rather have just one tiny part tanned or blended into your overall tan. With canopy tanning beds, all you need to do is to turn your body in a specific position, exposing the desired part to the powerful UV lamps, enjoying the magic.

Finally, canopy tanning beds are completely mobile and easy to travel with, allowing you tanning in open spaces, with abundance of fresh air.

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