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Many pregnant women wonder what they are allowed to do and what should they abstain from in order to prevent any damage to themselves and their unborn baby. If a woman feels insecure and simply do not know what to do regarding some activities while being pregnant, it is best for her to consult a well-experienced health care provider.

It is a well known fact that tanning is not so good option for any individual, particularly if it is frequent. The bronze look may be appealing but exposure to sunlight carries many risks. So, no matter whether you are pregnant or not, take into consideration benefits and all the negative aspects of tanning and then chose what to do.

Tanning, Pregnancy and Danger

Today a desirable bronze color of the skin can be easily achieved in a traditional way (by exposing the skin to the sun) or by using tanning beds. Apart from these invasive methods, there is also one way to achieve a perfect color of the skin-application of tanning topical creams and lotions.

There are many detrimental effects of both, natural and artificial sunlight confirmed. Aging of the skin is accelerated, the skin loses its elasticity and gets covered with wrinkles and fine lines and the most serious complication is definitely skin cancer. Frequent and unprotected exposure to sunlight (or tanning beds), particularly in individuals with a predisposition to skin cancer, is enormous risk factor for developing this malignant disease. In pregnant women the previous risk is even higher. This leads to conclusion that tanning while pregnant is not so wise decision a woman can make.

Apart from obvious risks of sunlight and damage to the skin, there is a little data regarding any direct damage to the baby associated to exposure to sunlight. Still, excessive exposure may contribute to decrease of folic acid in the body. But this rarely occurs, and there is no reason for a woman to worry if she takes sufficient amount of folic acid on a daily bases. Scientists also believe that if pregnant women expose their bodies to higher temperatures, this may have harmful effects on their babies. The risk for miscarriage or spinal malformations is even higher if excessive tanning occurs in the first trimester.

Tanning while Pregnant Safety Precautions

In spite of all the facts many pregnant women opt for tanning while pregnant. If this is the case, one should be well protected from the sun or at least first consult a doctor and get his/her permission.

One should never forget to apply sun tan lotion with a suitable SPF. Overheating should be avoided and head always covered with a hat. It is best to stay away from the sun during noon time when it shines most intensively. Finally, while tanning one should consume plenty of water, this way avoiding dehydration.

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