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UVB rays are not fully absorbed by the ozone layer but only partially. These are the rays which cause most damage to the surface of the skin. There are a lot of causes which lead to sunburn but the doctors are sure that exposure to UVB rays is the leading cause. Due to the fact that the ozone layer is becoming thinner every year, exposure to UVB rays will become more and more dangerous in the coming years.

Reduce risk of skin damage

It is important to realize that the skin needs to be protected from ultraviolet or UV radiation throughout the entire year. It is wrong to think that skin just needs to be protected in the summer months or when a person is on the beach. The rays from the sun are dangerous in days when there are a lot of clouds and the weather is hazy as well as they are during bright and sunny days. The danger of ultraviolet rays is pretty high during the winter seasons because the rays reflect off of the snow. Apart from snow, there are some other surfaces which are known to reflect the sun rays like water, cement and sand, among other things. Even though tanning beds have become increasingly popular, the dangers of exposure to UV radiations are still present. Apart from the tanning beds, other ways of getting tanned like a tanning booth or a sunlamp to get tan are dangerous for the health as well. Those who live in the continental United States need to know that the hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. are the most dangerous when exposure to UV radiation is considered. The experts also advise more caution during the late spring and early summer. This especial goes for those who live in North America. However, there are ways a person can protect him or herself from ultraviolet radiation. If a person needs to go outside during the time when the sun is extremely strong, it is best that he or she seeks shade. Wearing clothing is important as well because that way less skin will be exposed to the sun and its damaging rays. Hat is very important during the time when the sun is extremely strong. It would be best if the hat has a wide brim in order for the face, neck, ears and head to be in shade.Sunglasses are equally important. However, some sunglasses are better than others and it would be best if the sunglasses block as close to 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. Wearing sunscreen is extremely important all year long. When buying the sunscreen a person needs to make sure that the sun protective factor is at least 15. It is always better if the factor is higher than 15. Reapplying sunscreen should not be forgotten either.

Clothing, hats and sunglasses can protect you as well!

Clothing is very important when protection from the damaging sunrays is considered. The experts claim that loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts and long pants provide the best protection from the ultraviolet rays. The clothing should be of tightly woven fabric. There are a lot of those who believe that a wet T-shirt provides more protection than a dry one but that is not true. When colors are considered, darker ones are better than lighter ones when keeping ultraviolet rays at bay is considered. The researchers have discovered that a regular T-shirt does not provide SPF higher than 15. Due to this fact, other types of protection should be used as well. Apart from long sleeves and pants, a hat with a brim is just as important. The brim needs to provide protection for the face, ears, neck and head in order to be effective. According to the experts, canvas is the best fabric for the protection against ultraviolet radiation. Straw hats should be avoided because the sunlight can get through the holes. Darker hats are thought to provide more protection that those of lighter colors. In addition to these two important ways of protection against the sunrays, sunglasses need to be used whenever a person goes outside during daylight. The risk of cataracts is much higher in those who do not wear sunglasses. Apart from the eyes, sunglasses also provide protection to the tender skin around the eyes. When buying sunglasses, a person should make sure to buy those which provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Avoid indoor tanning

Indoor tanning refers to using a tanning bed, booth or sunlamp in order to get a tan. The researchers have discovered a link between these ways of indoor tanning and development of skin cancers. Melanoma is considered to be the most dangerous type of skin cancer and the data claims that it is not uncommon in people who prefer indoor tanning. Apart from melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and cancers of the eye are not that uncommon as well.

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