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Fever simply presents our body’s reaction to infection. This infection may be caused by some bacteria or virus present in our system. It manifests itself mainly through rise of our body temperature, as well as headache and fatigue.

One of the main symptoms of fever with toddlers is a sudden decrease in appetite, followed by excessive sweating. Also, a constant red face of a toddler can be a reliable indicator as well. Most of the symptoms may be shown when toddlers play in a hot environment. This kind of surrounding causes toddlers to sweat and lose bodily fluids crucial for their organisms to function correctly, thus causing the infection and triggering all the other symptoms which further cause fever.

When treating of fever is considered, the first solution must be to reduce and stop the fever before it escalates and endangers the brain of the child. Regular intake of water is one of the best and safest treatments for this kind of fever. Also, intake of fruit also can be of significant help when it comes to reducing the fever and balancing the intake of water. Additionally, ice presents one of the best ways to remedy fever. Ice pack, or, alternatively, ice cubes covered by a piece of cloth, can be placed on the child’s forehead on regular intervals until the fever starts reducing or disappears. Application of cold, wet handkerchief is also known to help, as long as the water is not dripping from it onto the child’s face.

As far as medications are concerned, there are few of them that can be classified as the best for treating child fever. Acetaminophen and Tylenol are known to be the safest medications since they treat headache and pain, the two common symptoms of fever. However, one must take great care when choosing the correct dose of the medicine suitable for toddlers. In order to prevent any unwanted side effects from occurring, the dose should not be more than the one prescribed by the doctor. If there are doubts or the fever remains present, the best thing is to consult with a good doctor.

Occurrence of fever rash can also take place when a toddler suffers from fever. In most cases no treatment is the best treatment but, alternatively, one can use ice packs to do away the rash. In case of prolonged and persistent rash, consulting with a good doctor is the best choice.

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