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There are a large number of causes for sore throats. They can be caused by environmental irritants such as cigarette smoke and even dust. Allergies can also cause soreness of the throat. However, a sore throat is most commonly a symptom of conditions such as strep throat or the flu.

Common symptoms are scratchy, irritated and painful sensations in the throat area, which can make normal everyday activities such as eating, drinking or speaking very painful and, in some cases, almost unbearable.

Luckily there are many very simple and effective ways to treat a sore throat, and most can come in the form of simple over-the-counter medication or effective home remedies.

The first step to treating a sore throat is to see a doctor, since it is difficult to determine the cause without the opinion of a health expert. The most likely causes are irritants, allergens, or viral and bacterial infections.

If it is an infection, the doctor will prescribe medication and could give the patient pain relievers for the discomfort.

If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it is important that all the pills given in the prescription are taken, in order to make sure that the bacteria is fully treated. If these instructions are not followed, antibiotic-resistant strains can develop that will not be treatable with the same medication.

If the doctor does not prescribe anything, there are either over-the-counter medications or natural remedies that can be used to cure soar throats.

Over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Aspirin, lozenges and throat sprays can help treat a sore throat.

Some natural remedies include salt-water gargles, hot tea, water with lemon and honey, apple cider vinegar with honey, or frozen fruit bars.

People with sore throats will first look to heal the pain, but it is very important to cure the cause of the sore throat altogether. In order to do this, one must drink lots of fluids, rest well, avoid smoke, pollutants in the air and allergens as much as possible, eat foods that are soothing to the throat such as ice cream and hot soup, consume plenty of Vitamin C and Selenium, and avoid strenuous physical activity.

The more the person takes care of his or her health once the soreness occurs, the faster it will heal.

Eating well, drinking a lot of water, and giving one\'s self enough time to rest and sleep are all essential in order to allow the throat the proper time and needed conditions to fully heal and for the pain to subside.

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