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Have you ever rode a horse and felt this constant sore which ruined all the fun? If you have, this is the text for you. Of course, this text can also be useful for those who are considering a horse ride. This tiny looking problem with saddle sore can actually be very discomforting. This pain is so great that even professionals, with many hours of riding, sometimes have to leave the race because of this problem. This is how great the pain can be. Some say that it can be compared to the crotch abrasion produced by shorts. The saddle sore is a problem caused by skin bacteria which creates the boil. Boils can be found on the skin.

In the beginning of this sport, riders had to use raw steak remedies, but today we have advanced far off from this period. Naturally, the problem is better to avoid than treat. If you want to prevent the problem, try to adjust the saddle as best as possible. If the saddle doesn't fit perfectly, there is a chance the soft tissue will be stroked against the saddle nose thus causing problems. If this happens, the infection will occur, and if you have chronic saddle sore, this is something you will have to do before you get up on that saddle. In order to help the circulation and relieve the pressure of the crotch, you will need to stand as much as possible. Try to do this for 15 to 20 second in every several minutes. Try to sit as forward as possible. In this way, bones for sitting are stressed less. Try to find the best and most comfortable chamois for you. It should have one-piece liner. The most important thing is the proper saddle. Try as many saddles as necessary, until you find the one which is neither tight nor loose. You can also use some lubricant on the saddle in order to reduce the friction. As soon as your ride is over, remove the clothes worn. There are many bacteria which can induce infection in these clothes. Try to use clean gear in every ride and also try to sleep in the buff. What can be done if the sore is created? Try to make it clean and use acne gel with 10% of benzoyl peroxide. Cream called Emgel is another effective medication. When the sore occurs, try to rest as much as you can. Remember that if you have to ride again, you can use a better lubricant, change saddle or shorts, use ibuprofen to numb the area, use foam pads or try H ointment (it will reduce the pain and swelling).

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