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Cold sores are little blisters on one’s lips that are caused by herpes simplex virus. First symptoms are usually itching and tingling on the lips. Soon the blisters will appear. After few days they tend to break and weep. It is important not to scratch the blisters because the virus is spread and there is a risk of infections. Herpes simplex is highly contagious so it is advisable to avoid contact with other people’s skin. Cold sores usually last three to four weeks but the virus stays in body permanently.

There are several reasons for getting cold sore such as poor diet, not enough of sleep, mental stress, menstruation, constantly feeling tired and depressed etc. All these things cause the fall of immunity system. Once a person got the cold sore, the virus stays in the body waiting for conditions for it to appear. It lives in nerve cells and will go to the surface. A virus will then replicate and produce new cold sore.Arginine is a protein that blocks creating new herpes viruses. Lysine, another protein, is good in prevention of cold sores thus it can be taken as supplement.

First thing one can do when seeing that a cold sore will emerge is to apply ice. This will either delay or reduce a cold sore.It is important to avoid eating acid food since it touches the infected area of mouth and irritates it.

Essential is to boost the immune system and detoxicate. This will help the body in fighting the virus. One should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables , one can eat seeds and use vegetable oils. Usage of natural antibiotic such as garlic or garlic supplements, then olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract will also help a great deal. It is good to take enough vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. One should avoid stress, relax a lot and exercise. Herbal remedies can be used to boost the immune system and relieve the stress. The following herbs are good immunity boosters: echinacea, golden seal, cleavers, plantain, bayberry, burdock, huang qi, nettle, wormwood, calendula, myrrh, poke root, dandelion root, licorice. The best herbs for reducing stress level are melissa and lavender.

Lemon balm exctract can be put on lips to get rid of cold sore, too.

Putting one’s finger in salt and pressing it on cold sore for 30 seconds can also help. Aloe vera is also very effective on cold sores. It can be applied directly on the mouth especially when in form of gel. Tea bags can also be used. They can be put on blisters for several minutes. This is repeated after an hour.

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