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There are different ways to treat weak bladder problem. Even though the doctor may ask you to simply change the some habits, or he may want you to take some medications and use a device, sometimes, these treatments are just not giving the wanted results. In those cases, doctor could advise a surgery, which will help you to strengthen your bladder.


The easiest thing to do is to try with Kegel exercises, which are very simple, and which can be done anywhere. All you have to do is learn which muscles you have to contract, since these exercises are helpful and the results can be seen after 6 to 8 weeks. You can also try to follow at what time of the day problems with bladder occur, because, by knowing the time when the leaking can happen, you can go and urinate several minutes earlier. This will help you to gain control, but you can also strengthen the pelvic muscle by trying to prolong the time between the urinations. As you probably know, some substances that are in food, as well as some drinks, are diuretic (such as caffeine), so, when you have bladder problems, you shouldn’t drink or eat anything that will increase your urge to urinate. Try to drink fluids during the day, but avoid drinking it before bedtime. If you are overweight, that may be the reason why you have this problem, so try to lose some weight, since that might be helpful.

For stress urinary incontinence medications are not used. In the cases of overactive bladder, some medications for relaxation could be prescribed. The usual side effect of this type of medicines is lack of moist in the eyes, but side effects may also result in dry mouth and constipation, though they can be minimized by the usage of eye drops and chewing gum for dry mouth.

Pessary is made of plastic and in the shape of the ring. Doctor may decide that putting pessary in the vagina is the best solution for the problem, since that way, it is helping to contain urine in the bladder. However, this treatment requires often visits to the doctor so that he could follow the condition and the possible consequences of pessary usage.

Other treatments

There is a treatment that consists of electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers that are responsible for the bladder, but this kind of treatment is used when medicines aren’t helpful. A doctor will place a wire underneath the skin and, if it shows good result, he may decide to put a device that will be there permanently. It is usually located in the lower back. Surgery can also help and it is performed to make corrections in the bladder. At last, there is an option to use catheter as frequently as needed. Someone can use it one time in few days, while someone else will need to use it all the time.

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