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Stye is an eye condition which can be very discomforting. This condition is just a simple pimple or skin germ. This pimple develops on an eye and treatment is similar to the treatment of any other kind of skin germ. This condition can be easily treated and knowing how to treat it can be very useful, especially if you have children. This pimple will grow to the point when it explodes and this possibility compromises the health of an entire eye. This is why treating stye is something which should not wait. Waiting can lead to serious consequences and complications. We\'ll try to give several useful advices you can use to make sure that stye will disappear and never return again.

We have mentioned that styes grow. They are filling up and when they have something inside they will have a white head and look inflamed. Treating a stye is basically helping the stye to release the material inside. We can use a soft and warm cloth and put it over the eye. This can help, but, in some situations, home treatment is ineffective and you must see a doctor. Stye can sometimes impair you vision so it is wise to visit a specialist if stye is getting worse and causing you problems. Doctor will diagnose the problem and if it\'s nothing alarming, he\'ll tell you to continue with home treatment. But, if the situation is more serious, doctor will probably prescribe some antibiotic. Medical attention may be needed if pimple isn\'t removed after 7 days. Removing everything from the pimple will eliminate the stye. Don\'t be frightened if you don\'t see stuff coming from a pimple. This material doesn\'t need to come out of the stye.

This condition can be difficult for children. Styes can be very annoying and children will probably touch and scratch them. Parents must help the child in these situations and prevent them from scratching the pimple. Scratching it may provoke further irritation and much bigger problems. If your child has a stye, the best time for treating it is during the night. Child will be asleep and probably will not even notice the cloth on their eye. But just in case they wake up, use an cloth they will not find interesting and start to play with it. If hot cloth doesn\'t give results, you can try cotton ball with hot water. You have to be careful when using a cotton ball. Always throw away the cotton ball after use. Dab the stye with this as much as possible during the day. The text above has many good advices for removing stye. But if they produce no results in your case, look for medical attention.

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