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Tiny blisters that sometimes appear on the lips are also knownas cold sores. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 but it’s notthe same kind of virus that is commonly associated with the genital herpeswhich gets transmitted sexually. The virus is dormant in nature and it stays inthe body because it cannot be eliminated.

It gets stimulated by skin chapping,stressful situations, sunburns and various allergic reactions. Before theblisters get developed, one usually feels burning and itching at the area thatis to be infected. Blisters that appear in the form of raised skin that isfilled with clear fluid. Once the blisters burst they form a crust within aperiod of just a few days the scab usually peels off and heals. All lipblisters caused by this type of virus are self-limited and require no treatmentin order to heal. But they can cause excessive discomfort and may be filledwith pus so in order to clear these symptoms one should seek immediate medicalattention.

There are certain types of medications that can relieve thesymptoms of the syndrome and make the healing process shorter and morebearable. The virus that causes the syndrome itself cannot be cured, though. Its common to use pain relievers during the healing process because they alsoreduce inflammation and ibuprofen and Aspirin are among the most popular ones.

Topical anesthetics numb the area that surrounds the lip blister so they alsocan come in very handy in relieving the symptoms of the syndrome. The skin thatsurrounds the blisters must be soothed and prevented from cracking or burstingby using various types of lip balms and moisturizer creams. An antiviral agentcalled docasanol can also be purchased at pharmacies since it is very beneficialin fighting the virus and its symptoms.

Severe cases of lip blisters require proper diagnosed and prescribedtherapy. The doctor must be informed about the patient’s health history andmedications currently taken, if any. The most commonly prescribed medications areacyclovir and famciclovir and they help in relieving pain and healing faster.It is recommended that a patient starts taking these medications during theearly phases of the syndrome in order to gain the best results.

One should always keep the blisters dry because it willspeed up the healing process. The blisters should not be punctured since it willspread the virus further. Arginine should also be avoided in the daily diet.

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