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Acne can make a person feel quite miserable. Apart from being aesthetically unappealing while they are affecting you, these skin marks can leave scars once they are gone, leaving permanent signs of their former presence on the surface of your face and other parts of your body. In fact, scars are nothing more than your body's way of making your previously torn skin stronger. Thus, in order for scars not to appear, we need to take good care of our skin.

Most of the times, both acne and scarring of this type can be prevented by timely action and seeking of dermatological opinion. We all have acne for different reasons. Thus, our skin and the rest of our organism need to be examined in order to understand this problem and treat it successfully, without causing scars.

Avoid the Inevitable

We do not choose acne. Rather, this skin problem affects us involuntarily. Thus, asking one not to have acne in order to avoid scarring is illogical. However, you can resist your temptations to touch, scratch or pop the pimples you have on your face. Whenever you damage the skin this way, you make small wounds into a larger ones. These kinds of wounds are prone to infections which can spread the bacteria around, contributing to the appearance of additional pimples and the prolongation of the acne problem itself.

Removal of Acne Scars

Once the damage had already been done, you may opt for several removal methods. Firstly, laser scar removal is known to be very effective against hyperthrophic and athrophic scars. Through laser treatments such as CO2 and Er:YAG, the outer layers of your skin are burnt in order to peel off and give way to new, healthy skin. The treatment may be more aggressive, yet more effective, or milder, needing several sessions for a positive effect.

A metal brush may be used for removing the outer layers of your skin. This process is called dermabrasion. Dermaplaning can be used as well, being a method through which specific parts of your skin are shaved off, exposing the healthy layers of young skin to reach the surface and remove the scars.

The same thing can be done with chemical peels, using exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids or some other acids of similar type. These acids are very strong and need to be used carefully during these procedures.

Home Treatment of Acne Scars

Some chemical peels can be used at home. However, before you use a product of this type, you are advised to have one recommended by your dermatologist. Slower and less aggressive treatments are always better that stronger ones, since the latter may result in reappearance of the scars.

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